• “One more thing for you.”
  • We believe that price is what you pay and value is what you get. We know that you do care about the price but also care about the quality. Therefore, we will keep providing the innovated products with high quality and reasonable price for you.

    About us

    According to UN’s World Population Prospect Report, life expectancy has improved rapidly around the world since 1950s. Longer lifetime is no doubt a global trend.

    CEI Technology Inc. was founded with a faith “Life is not only about making it longer, but also healthier”. Uphold this concept, CEI has been dedicating to improve personal health and healthcare environment as a whole by supplying wide ranges of healthcare products and services to the worldwide. Nevertheless, our value is not just supplying medical, healthcare and beauty products, but to bringing a healthier, easier and simpler lifestyle to the whole society.

    Vision & Mission

    Our uppermost is to provide High quality, best service and reasonable price with our reliable factory partners.

    In the future, to become an outstanding representative Taiwanese Technology company in the international. We will keep dedicate on providing innovative inspiration, creative technology and diversification business model to improve personal healthcare around the world.

    What's CEI ?

    CEI represents C- Customers, E- Employees and I-Investors.

    The meanings behind the alphabets are the most three essential spirit elements to consist our company. We insist on the enterprise idea and put C in the beginning, as “Customer is always our first priority”.

    Why us

    Trade & Market

    We have served more than 60+ countries. Where ever you need us. We are here.

    Keep in touch

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