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  • Our SCB06 Nasal Reliever is a medical device based on the theory of phototherapy. It can warm up the nose temperature and promote the blood circulation to aid relief from allergic reaction, such as running nose, sneezing and sinus congestion.
  • Features

    • Two special wavelength chips inside a single nose tube

    • Two different sizes nose tube

    • Can be used alone or used with medicine

    • High and low energy

    • Automatically turn off

    • Compact and portable for traveling

    The Nasal Reliever contains special chips of 652 and 940 nm in each nose tube. The wavelengths released by these chips are purposed to irradiate the mucous membrane inside the nose. It can warm up the nose temperature and promote the blood circulation in the nose.

    940 nanometers wavelength cannot be seen by naked eyes. The color of the 652 nanometers wavelength is dark red. Dual wavelength nm cold light 652 nm and 940 nm provides different deep layer energy to the epitrichium. The performance is much more outstanding than by the single wavelength products.

    Light No. 3 mm LED 2 pcs
    Wavelengths Used 660 & 940nm ±10 nm wavelength
    Emitting Mode Continuous Mode
    Operation Time General output power: each nasal cavity 5.3mW
    Intensive output power: each nasal cavity 7.9mW
    Automatically Power Off About 3.0 minutes ±20 seconds after light up
    Operating Temperature Humidity 5 °C ~ 40 °C ( 41 °F ~ 104 °F ), 10% to 80% RH
    Storage Temperature Humidity -10 °C ~ 60 °C ( -14 °F ~ 140 °F ), 10% to 80% RH
    Battery Type Two AAA Batteries
    Battery Life General output energy: about 75 times operation
    Intensive output energy: about 45 times operation
    Size 95mm x 78mm x 34 mm
    Weight 61.6 grams (without battery)

    1. Insert the DC plug of nose clamp into the DC slot of the body.

    2. Insert the two nose tubes into the nose as comfortably as you feel and clamp it.

    3. Press the ON/OFF button on the main body. Depend on your conditions to select right energy.

    4. Red light 657 ± 10nm special wavelength cold lights will appear at the end of the tube.

    5. The unit will automatically power off after it is activated for approximately 3 minutes.

    6. During treatment, press ON/OFF button the unit will be turned off.

    • Clean the nose tubes and main body before and after each use.

    • After each use, use cotton swab with 70% concentration alcohol to clean the nose tube. Prohibit the use of 100% alcohol or other organic solvents to clean the nose tube and main body.

    • This product is not waterproof, do not clean with liquid cleaner. You can clean the dirty surface by wiping it with wet cloth. Do not allow water to enter the main body.

    • Remove battery after each use to prevent any damage caused by battery deterioration or leaking.

    • Do not stare at the light directly.

    Our SCB06 Nasal Reliever is warranted against manufacturing faults for a period of 24 months from the date of shipment. Repair or replacement of the defective unit is the sole remedy under this warranty.

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