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  • Our Medical disposable protective clothing is the newest CE approval high-level product, that enables medical staffs to avoid infection when contacting patients.
  • Features

    • Abrasion-resistant

    • High level of fluid repellency

    • Hydrophobic SMS material, Latex-free

    • Disposable and Convenient.

    • Soft, breathable and comfort.

    • Front zipper design

    • Serged seams for higher standard protection.

    • Elastic wrists, waist, ankles and hood to ensure a better fit and freedom of movement.

    • Eco-friendly, can be discarded without harming the environment.

    The best barrier to blood, body fluids and pathogens.

    The protective clothing provides effective barrier to prevent the transmission and infection of microorganisms, body fluids and granular substances between patients and medical staff, comprehensively protecting the health and safety of medical staff.

    The protective clothing itself also has the advantages of light weight, good air permeability and breathing. Unique elastic bands design for giving medical staffs a best degree of comfortable movement.

    We got CE approval Type 5B and Type 6B standards, EN1149 antistatic standards, EN1073-2 anti-radioactive pollution source test, EN14126 anti-biological hazards and infectious agents, and provide protection against chemical liquid splashes and harmful dust and dry particles.

    • EN ISO 13688:2013
    • EN 14605:2005 +A1:2009
    • EN ISO 13982-1:2004 +A1:2010
    • EN 13034:2005+A1:2009
    • EN 1073-2:2002
    • EN 14126:2003+AC:2004
    • EN 1149-5:2008
    • EN 14325:2004

    Performance levels
    • EN 14605 Type 4B
    • EN ISO 13982-1 Type 5B
    • EN 13034 Type 6B
    • EN 1073-2 Class 1
    • EN 14126 Class 5, Class 1, Class 2

    PPE & Hydrophobic SMS material, Latex-free

    Size(cm) Body Height Body Width Sleeve Length
    M 165 ~ 175 68.5±1 73.5±1
    L 170 ~ 180 71±1 76±1
    XL 175 ~ 185 73.5±1 78.5±1

    Please select the appropriate size to maximise the protection. Undersize or oversize dressing may result incomplete protection and may reduce the durability.

    • Keep away from babies, children, and pets to avoid suffocation.
    • Store it in places where is away from moisture and heat.
    • Do not offer protection against solvents and mineral acids.
    • Do not get close to flame or heat.
    • Material melts at about 90℃.

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