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  • Our Calcium Supplementation contains AquaMin™ seaweed calcium, CBP, CPP, Vitamin K2, and Yeast vitamin D2, which are good for bone health.
  • Features

    • High absorption ratio

    • Enhances osteoblast activity

    • Increasing bone density and joint health

    • Promotes calcium intake and utility


    Calcium plays the vital role for skeleton development. This element is not only major constituent, but functions as various physiologic hemostasis. Body bones offer the resource of calcium to blood in constant level, meaning that bones lose calcium persistently in blood calcium insufficient for a long term.

    People know that it is necessary to intake calcium to prevent osteoporosis. After prime age, the loss ratio is faster than store ratio, therefore, enough calcium intake and great absorption efficiency are necessary.

    Silent healthy killer: Osteoporosis

    Osteoporosis comes silently and ignorantly until suffering serious fracture someday when falling down, colliding, and movement.

    Due to physiology, females have more possibility to suffer osteoporosis than males have. According to IOF (International Osteoporosis Foundation) data, 25% of females up to age 60 suffering osteoporosis.

    Bone density constantly increased after birth will reach a plateau in age 30, followed by its descend. The course in males is slowly but in females is rapid in women menopause.

    The absorbing ability is lower by ageing, so that calcium recruitment is required, and effective absorption is the more important conception.

    AquaMin™ Seaweed Calcium

    • Natural vegetarian source
    • High absorption ratio
    • Inhibit diminishment of bone density
    • Various marine elements

    AquaMin™ seaweed calcium is the only organic certification by EU. It is good absorption and rich calcium amount. It exam on clinical experiments with effective results. (Skeleton, joints, digestive tracts, motions)

    Colostrum Basic Peptide, CBP

    • Easy to be absorbed
    • Enhances osteoblast activity
    • Increasing bone density and joint health

    CBP is origin of colostrum whey, a kind of the small peptide supplied for infants, teenagers, and elders.

    Casein Phosphatepeptide, CPP

    • Promotes calcium intake and utility by intestine

    CPP binds to calcium to inhibit formation of insoluble salt under basic condition to increase the ratio of calcium absorption from intestine.

    Vitamin K2

    • Helps ossification
    • Regulates physiologic function

    Vitamin K is the kind of lipid-soluble vitamins, participating in clot, anti-oxidation, anti-cancer, ossification, and many physiologic functions. K2 drives ossification, however K2 is lack in daily meal, especially in west form or fine diet.

    Yeast Vitamin D2

    • Promotes calcium intake by intestine
    • Promotes calcium reabsorption by kidney Yeast source

    The material comes from fermentation by yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. Produced by unique fermentation and drum drying techniques, which offer concentration of D2 of 200μg per gram. That is necessary for human body to increase calcium intake and develop in bones and teeth.

    Packaging Options Bulk, bottles, blister packs or customers’ requirement
    Quality Standard CGMP, ISO
    Shelf Life 3 Years

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