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  • Sport tape can help to relax and comfort overused muscles after workout or exercise without suffering sore muscle pain. Moreover, apply the tape before exercising or sporting, it can enhance the performance without limiting your range of motion and reduce the chances of sports injuries.
  • Features

    • Made in Taiwan quality guaranteed

    • Exclusive special sticky technology

    • Latex free and hypoallergenic for sensitive skin

    • Water repellent - Able to withstand shower, sweat, swimming, raining

    • Strong Adhesion - 3 - 5 days durability per application

    • 160 - 180% skin-like elasticity provides superior comfort

    • Intermittent wave pattern adhesive creates ideal breathability for skin

    • Release paper design - easily to tear and easily to measure

    When applying Power Max Sports Tape, it will lift up your skin and enhance the blood circulation. Tape is made by elastic cotton, so it will create a stretch force, which will function likes muscles; thus, the injured muscle can rest and move easier. In addition, to offer the best quality for our customers, our sport tape insist in remaining the whole production process in Taiwan.

    Material Elastic cotton
    Elasticity 160 - 180%
    Colors Skin / Black / White / Pink / Blue / Green / Camouflage / Customized
    Length 5 m
    Dimension 38 mm x 5 m / 50 mm x 5 m / 75 mm x 5 m

    • The product is an adhesive product, patients who suffering from skin disease , please avoid using or discussing with the doctor before using.
    • If you are first time to use the product, please use trar off the patch after 2 hours at first time and let the skin to adapt the patch before extended the using of time.
    • Please use after reading the instructions to avoid any discomfort symptoms cause by inappopriate operation.
    • Please do not directly use to the wound, skin surface damage, eczema, blisters or other parts.
    • If the patch cause any painful while remove the patch, you can apply some soap or any other oily emulsion on the patch. it will be easily to tear.

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