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  • Our Cardiovascular Care contains L-arginine, Grape skin extract - Resveratrol, Flaxseed - omega-3, Pine bark extract, Curcuma longa - curcumin, and Zinc yeast, which are good for Cardiovascular health.
  • Features

    • Anti-oxidation

    • Cardiovascular protection

    • Promotion circulation

    • Lower possibility of cardiovascular disease

    • Anti-ageing from brain vessels

    • Blood stream active and cleaning

    • Reducing inflammatory

    • Improvement of fat accumulations and metabolic

    Chronic killer: tardy blood stream

    Blood stream offering us nutrients and oxygen is the vital for life, therefore, the deficiency of blood circulation brings modern people many negative impacts.

    Such as most brain and cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, stroke, hypertension, chronic inflammatory, hair dropped, fatness, diabetes, and other modern diseases.

    Blood vessel blockade

    1. The blockade results from endothelial cells degeneration, metabolic degeneration, and accumulation of blood junks in long term.

    2. Vessel smooth muscle is ageing causing the lose of elasticity, hardening, weakness of heartbeat.

    3. Blood vessel ageing is chronic distance, but also beginning of chronic diseases.


    • Raw material of nitric oxide (NO)
    • Directly drive blood stream up

    L-arginine is the raw material for NO synthesis, which can directly drive blood stream up and affect vessels relaxation.

    Grape Skin Extract – Resveratrol

    • Anti-oxidation
    • Cardiovascular protection
    • Improvement of insulin resistance

    Resveratrol is a poly-phenolic compound and widely existing in plants particularly in wine and grapes. Many studies indicate resveratrol possesses strong anti-oxidation, anti-obesity, improvement of insulin resistance, and cardiovascular care effect.

    Flaxseed - Omega-3

    • Circulation promotion
    • Lower possibility of cardiovascular disease

    Flaxseed produced after flax blooming is full of omega-3 fatty acids. ω-3 can lower possibility of cardiovascular disease and constructs on cell membrane to be good fluidity.

    Pine Bark Extract

    • Anti-oxidation
    • Anti-ageing from brain vessels
    • Reducing inflammatory
    • Improvement of fat accumulations

    Pine bark is the traditional medicine in Europe for thousand years. It is full of oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes, OPCs, a kind of bioflavonoid.

    Curcuma Longa – Curcumin

    • Blood stream active and cleaning
    • Cardiovascular protection
    • Lowering plasma lipid
    • Anti-inflammatory and anti-virus

    Curcuma longa is the major spice of curry. It functions as blood stream active and cleaning blood stasis in Chinese tradition medicine and its dominant compound curcumin is famous for healthcare.

    Zinc Yeast

    • Easy to absorption
    • Metabolic improvement

    Zinc yeast produced by fermentation of yeast is an organic zinc compound easily to be absorbed by bodies. It is necessary for protein synthesis and immunity.

    Packaging Options Bulk, bottles, blister packs or customers’ requirement
    Quality Standard CGMP, ISO
    Shelf Life 3 Years

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