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  • Our Beta-Glucan capsule contains WGP (β-Glucan), Fucoidan, Fibryxa™, and Probiotics Set, which are good for gut health.
  • Features

    • Smooth bowel movement

    • Promote digestion

    • Advance gut health and immunity

    • Inhibit sugar and lipid absorption

    • Improve cardiovascular functions and prevent cardiovascular diseases

    Window of Health - Gut Tract

    Gut tract including small and large intestine which both are well-known digestive organs but also less-known immune organs.

    No matter nutrients or others (medicines, pathogens, or others) are processed by guts at first line before entering bodies due to meal habits. That causes the immune response significantly if any issue breaks from gut.

    Modern people with bad life habits and task stress prefer high-fatness and high-sugar meal, leading to microbiota in gut tract gets wrong which causes many immune and digestion symptoms or diseases like: diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel, flatulence, fart a lot, poor appetite; further like obesity, fatness liver, glucose-tolerance, hyper-glycemia/lipidemia/tension.

    Probiotics - Inhabitants with You in Life

    There is a group of population called “Probiotics” which lives in gut tract and fed with various nutrients from hosts, particularly “Prebiotics”.

    Probiotics offers host many advantages :

    • Help human bodies to digest matters humans need (which can’t digest).

    • Reduce the possibility of pathogen attachment.

    • Secrete bacteriocin to inhibit pathogenic activity.

    • Improve allergic symptoms.

    • Activation of immune system.

    WGP (β-Glucan)

    • Immune-activation
    • Regulate blood sugar value
    • Inhibit cholesterol synthesis
    • Improve cardiovascular functions
    • Promotes elevation of gut immunity

    β-Glucan possesses numerous structural bonds, β-1, 3 (stem) and β-1, 6 (branch), and distributed as triple helix structure.

    β-Glucan exists in various origins, and that coming from yeast origin is the most immunogenicity compared to other origins based on their structure.


    • Immune-activation
    • Improve gastric-intestinal health
    • Regulate blood pressure
    • Lower blood triglyceride and prevent cardiovascular diseases

    Fucoidan is the sulfated polysaccharides, belonging to a kind of plant cellulose and consisting of sulfated fucose, galactose, mannose, glucuronic acid, and xylose.


    • Smooth bowel movement
    • Inhibit sugar and lipid absorption
    • Enhancing immune regulation

    Fibryxa is water-soluble edible fiber of isomaltodextrin, which is full of α-1, 6 glycosidic bonds, which are chemical bonds humans don’t easily digest.

    Probiotics Set

    • Triple layers perform - entirely gut tract protection
    • Improvement of digestive function
    • Advance gut health and immunity
    • Reduction of cholesterol

    Various beneficial bacterium harbor numerous ability in tract localization, acidic endurance, tract attachment, secretion of bacteriocin, improvement of digestive function, immune activation, down-regulated allergy, reduction of cholesterol, and so on.

    Packaging Options Bulk, bottles, blister packs or customers’ requirement
    Quality Standard CGMP, ISO
    Shelf Life 3 Years

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