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  • Our Fight Virus from Guts contians Glutamine Peptide, Sialic acid, Spirulina (cyanobacteria), Glyconutrition, Lactoferrin supplement, Egg yolk powder IgY, Probiotic, Prebiotic, and Yeast metal, which are good for enhancing immunoreactivity.
  • Features

    • Enhance immunoreactivity

    • Suppress inflammatory

    • Lower possibility of infection

    • Controls immune-response and immunocyte activity

    • Inhibit EV71 and type A/B flu virus

    • Prevention of enterovirus and rotavirus infection

    • Against particular antigens

    Window of Health - Gut Tract

    Gut tract including small and large intestine which both are well-known digestive organs but also less-known immune organs.

    No matter nutrients or others (medicines, pathogens, or others) are processed by guts at first line before entering bodies due to meal habits. That causes the immune response significantly if any issue breaks from gut.

    Health gut tract, adequate immunity, and complete microbiota are vital factors to resist invasion from virus. If the body gets defective microbiota or mucous, it is easily to be invaded so that immunocyte defense is the last choice.More over unhealthy persons or child who get weak immunity will be easily infected and incidence disease.

    Probiotics - Inhabitants with You in Life

    There is a group of population called “Probiotics” which lives in gut tract and fed with various nutrients from hosts, particularly “Prebiotics”.

    Probiotics offers host many advantages :

    • Help human bodies to digest matters humans need (which can’t digest).

    • Reduce the possibility of pathogen attachment.

    • Secrete bacteriocin to inhibit pathogenic activity.

    • Improve allergic symptoms.

    • Activation of immune system.

    Glutamine Peptide

    • Enhance immunoreactivity
    • Suppress inflammatory
    • Repair epithelium and mucous
    • Lower possibility of infection
    • Promote antibody secretion in intestine

    Glutamine peptide is the new product in recent years. It is more stable, soluble, and able to be absorbed than free-state glutamine, been defined on clinic and nutriology. Glutamine is a kind of necessary amino acid, importantly promoting growth epithelium and mucous.

    Sialic acid

    • Regulates immunoreactivity
    • Against EV71 virus

    Sialic acid consists in the ligand of siglecs, an attached molecule under cell surface that can interfere interaction between virus and host.

    Spirulina (Cyanobacteria)

    • Contains many nutrients
    - plant proteins, vitamins, metals, β-carotene, fatty acids
    • Natural anti-oxidant
    • Inhibit EV71 and type A/B flu virus

    Spirulina represents cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) that contain many nutrients can be consumed by humans and other animals for energy. It is not only energy resource, but also natural anti-oxidant, which is beneficial to immune system.


    • Included 8 monosaccharaides for body requires
    • Mediator for signal transmitting
    • Directly controls immune-response and immunocyte activity

    Glycoproteins connect each cell communication that directly controls immune-response and immunocyte activity. Carbohydrates are not only energy resource but also a mediator for signal transmitting while carbohydrates conjugated to proteins.

    Lactoferrin Supplement

    • Prevention of enterovirus and rotavirus infection

    Lactoferrins are proteins carrying iron and transporting it in mammals’ bodies. It widely exists in their milk and other secretion fluid. Scientific studies indicate lactoferrins can decrease cell-infection by type71 enteroviruses and rotavirus, the 2 well-known gut tract pathogenic viruses.

    Egg Yolk Powder IgY

    • Against particular antigens

    IgY is the type of immunoglobulin secreted into yolk from avian laying. Aiming particular pathogens to produce particular egg yolk powder for daily meal supplement that is better than antibody injection.


    • Inhibition of salmonella and rotavirus infection
    • Promote digestion and defecate

    10 species for gut healthcare, with exclusive patent of embedding technology, gastric acid tolerance, and high affinity to tract wall.


    • Provide probiotic activity and survival
    • Enhance immunity
    • Promote localization

    Additional fructo- /galacto-oligo saccharides provide probiotic activity and survival to empower immunity a lot.

    Yeast Metal

    • Offers better absorption to bodies
    • Necessary elements for immunocyte activity

    ACE® chelate patent, yeast zinc and yeast selenium, offers better absorption to bodies, and both of two elements are necessary and vital for immunocyte activity.

    Packaging Options Bulk, bottles, blister packs or customers’ requirement
    Quality Standard CGMP, ISO
    Shelf Life 3 Years

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