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  • BMB-EV099X Veterinary Blood Glucose Meter
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  • With one-button selection, the PetTest is fast, taking on average five seconds to return a test result.
  • Features

    •  Pet Diabetes Care Product

    •  Dual Specie Modes (Dogs and Cats)

    •  Extremely Small Blood Sample Volume - 0.3μL

    •  Quick Test Results in 5 Seconds 

    •  High Accuracy Results

    •  No Coding Required

    •  400 Results Memory

    Guess what? Just like human beings, your beloved pets can also develop diabetes. Several signs can be perceived from our cute ones when they are suffering from diabetes. Such as excessive thirst, excessive urination, increased hunger, loss weight despite increased intake of food, drowsy, depressed and so on.

    BMB-EV099X veterinary blood glucose monitor is a species specific blood testing system, which helps monitoring your little families' blood sugar levels. With the test result database, it would help your veterinarian assessing pets' diabetes treatment plan. And the easy to use pet blood testing monitoring device suits for veterinarian as well as the owner of diabetic pets. Now is the time, keep your pets healthy and provide them a comprehensive care.

    Method Amperometric Electrochemical
    Species Dog / Cat
    Sample Volume 0.3 μL
    Measuring Range 20 ~ 600 mg/dL
    Measuring Time 5 Seconds
    Hematocrit Range 20% ~ 60%
    Memory 400
    Dimension 60 x 85 x 22.2 mm
    Weight 60 grams
    Operating Condition 10 - 40°C / 15 - 85% R.H.
    Enzyme GOD
    Calibration No Coding Key Required

    • On dogs: Marginal ear vein, paw pads, elbow callus and inner or outter lip.
    • On cats: Marginal ear vein and paw pads.

    *Warming the area around the testing site will help increase blood flow. Yiu can gently rubbing the testing site or applying a warm (not hot) cloth to the test site. If using a wet cloth, place the cloth inside a plastic bag to avoid diluting the blood sample.

    Our BMB-EV099X Classic Veterinaryt Thermometer offer a limited One (1) year warranty.

    This warranty does not extend to failures resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, alteration, use of unauthorized service, parts or cleaning solutions, or failure to comply with Instruction Manual.

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