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  • Digital Otoscope with Camera
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  • The Digital otoscope has higher magnification and extensive field of view. It's easily to capture ear canal and tympanic membrane. Better visualisation can enhance learning, decision-making and patient outcomes.
  • Features

    • 3” TFT LCD screen

    • Camera resolution: HD (960 x 720 pixels)

    • Easily to capture ear canal and tympanic membrane

    • Higher magnification and resolution

    • Data transferring with micro USB connection

    • 10 languages available per user's preference

    • Brightness control

    • Camera preview, snapshots, and video recording

    • rechargeable and replaceable Li-Ion battery

    Digital Otoscope is a portable digital camera, used to view a patient’s ear canal through the micro-camera in the tip of the device. Our Digital Otoscope has higher magnification and extensive field of view, make it easier to capture ear canal and tympanic membrane. Better visualization helps enhancing decision-making and patient outcomes.

    The product includes a portable device (portable host), a camera module, a power adapter (charger), a video connector cable, and a micro USB cable. The portable host with 3” TFT LCD screen can provide camera preview, snapshots, and video recording. All the data in the portable host can be displayed directly onto a monitor. This Otoscope is powered by a rechargeable and replaceable Li-Ion battery.

    Accessories / Optional parts are shown below. Notify the retailer if interested.

    Display 3" TFT LCD
    Display Material Tempered Glass
    Interface Micro USB 2.0 / AV out (2.5mm)
    Battery Replaceable & Rechargeable Lithium Battery (3.78V)
    Power adapter 100-240V AC in, 50/60Hz 0.3-0.12A
    5.0V DC out, 2A
    File storage 32GB Memory
    Storage Capacity Up to 60,000 pieces pictures
    or video recording 300 minutes(approx.)
    Photo Storage Format JPEG (960 x 720)
    Resolution HD (960 x 720 Pixels)
    Depth of Field (DOF) 10 - 30 mm
    Video Recording Format MOV (960 x 720)
    Video Out Format NTSC & PAL
    Frame rate 30 fps
    Compression Format MPEG4
    Video size 10 min. (150 MB)
    Functions Snapshot, Video recording, Image (Photo & video)
    review on LCD screen, TV Out, Photo & video transfer
    from flash memory to PC (or Mac)
    Operating time 8 hours (average)
    Charging time 4 hours (average)
    Working & Storage Temperature -10°C ~ 65 °C (14°F ~ 149°F)

    • Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the safe use of this product.
    • To reduce risk of fire or electrical shock, do not expose this device to water or moisture.
    • If the camera module and the portable host is wet, do not attempt to dry it with any heater, hair dryer, microwave, autoclave or UV light.
    • Turn off and disconnect the power plug when not in use. Keep the device in a safe place in order to avoid improper shock or vibration damage to the device.
    • Keep the power cord away from any heat source.
    • Do not aim the LED lights directly at the eyes while the system is under operation.

    We provides a one-year warranty covering the potable host, Otoscope camera module, and rechargeable Li-ion battery. Any natural damage, vandalism (caused by incorrect use), fire, removal of warranty sticker will void the warranty. Only our Medical Instrument engineer is authorized to repair the Otoscope, any unauthorized servicing agency attempting to repair or modify the device will forfeit the warranty. Consumables and accessories are not included in the warranty.

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