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  • Our Medicinal Material set - Hangover contains Arrowroot, Schisandra, Antrodia camphorata, Artichoke, and Ginseng, which are good for liver health and slowing down drunkenness.
  • Features

    • Slow down drunkenness and discomfort

    • Reduce the concentration of ethanol in blood

    • Continue to metabolize alcohol

    • Helps the liver to detoxify and regulate liver function

    • Protect the liver from chemical damage

    • Reverts liver cell damage

    Mechanism of Alcohol Induced Liver Injury

    Alcohol will lead to liver fat accumulation, which is mainly caused by the inhibition of mitochondrial function during the conversion of ethanol to acetic acid, resulting in disordered lipid metabolism, delaying the output of triglyceride and accumulation in hepatocytes.

    The toxicity of alcohol metabolism causes the death of liver cells, which in turn causes hepatitis.

    Subsequent Effects of Alcohol Metabolism

    The liver also produces large amounts of free radicals during alcohol metabolism. Free radical related diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, Cancer, Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes, Liver diseases, Parkinson's disease...etc.


    • Slow down drunkenness and discomfort
    • Anti-free radical
    • Reduce the concentration of ethanol in blood

    Arrowroot is good at anti-free radical. It can reduce the concentration of ethanol in our blood, and the increment of blood viscosity because of red blood cells aggregating, which is due to the formation of free radicals and lipid peroxidation caused by alcohol, can reduce hangover thereby.


    • Continue to metabolize alcohol
    • Helps the liver to detoxify
    • Protect the liver from chemical damage
    • Inhibit inflammation

    Schisandra has been used in the treatment of various hepatitis for a long time, with an efficacy of up to about 80%, and no toxicity and obvious side effects have been found.

    Schisandra contains more than 30 kinds of lignin which help maintains the GSH concentration in our liver to help the execution of anti-oxidant enzymes, can protect the liver from chemical damage. And increases GSH reeducates activity, which in turn helps the liver to detoxify.

    Antrodia Camphorata

    • Reduce liver damage caused by alcohol
    • Delay the liver cell fibrosis
    • Inhibits hepatitis B virus
    • Reduce the free radical content and anti-inflammatory

    The triterpenoids are considered to be the most important active ingredients of Antrodia camphorata, it can effectively reduce the AST and ALT values caused by alcohol induced liver injury and delay the liver cell fibrosis induced by CCl4.

    By effectively inhibiting the production of reactive oxygen species in cells, it can reduce the free radical content and anti- inflammatory effects in the body.


    • Protects liver cells from necrosis
    • Promotes lipid metabolism

    Artichoke extract can inhibition lipid peroxidation of liver cells caused by hydrogen peroxide, which protects liver cells from necrosis due to free radical damage, has significant antioxidant and cell-protecting effects thereby.


    • Regulate liver function
    • Reverts liver cell damage
    • Treat liver diseases

    Ginseng is an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine since ancient times. It can be used as a supplement for the treatment of various diseases, including liver diseases. Ginseng saponins is the most important component of ginseng.

    Packaging Options Bulk, bottles, blister packs or customers’ requirement
    Quality Standard CGMP, ISO
    Shelf Life 3 Years

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