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  • EasyMate Blood Testing Meter with bluetooth function is a multi-function blood glucose meter system that is combined blood glucose, uric acid and cholesterol together.
  • Features

    • Multu-function blood testing meter

    • G stand for Blood glucose

    • C stand for Cholesterol

    • U stand for Uric Acid

    • Hb stand for Hemoglobin

    • Test function: G, C, GU, GHb, GCU, GCHb

    A simple way to check your blood on the go.

    The easy-to-use and intuitive designed of Easy Series Blood Testing System is suitable for all ages. Plus, each device comes with a papery feel zipped pouch, facilitate users to check the health anywhere. Only a small volume of your blood sample with a few seconds, checking your Blood glucose/ Uric Acid/ Hemoglobin/ Cholesterol has become easier than ever.

    Data from your meter can easily be saved to your PC with this software via Bluetooth connection (optional). Once results have been saved, they can easily be shared with your physician by e-mail, or viewed in chart form.

    Blood Glucose
    Measuring Range 20-600 mg/dL
    Test time 10 seconds
    Sample Volume > 4 μl
    Memory Capacity 200 test results

    Measuring Range 100-400 mg/dL
    Test time 150 seconds
    Sample Volume > 15 μl
    Memory Capacity 100 / 50 (3 in 1) test results

    Uric Acid
    Measuring Range 3-20 mg/dL
    Test time 20 seconds
    Sample Volume > 4 μl
    Memory Capacity 100 / 50 (3 in 1) test results

    Measuring Range 6-27 mg/dL
    Test time 6 seconds
    Sample Volume > 2.6 μl
    Memory Capacity 100 / 50 (3 in 1) test results

    Operation Temperature/ Humidity 57.2 - 104 °F (14 - 40 °C), < 85 % humidity
    Storage Temperature/ Humidity 14 - 140 °F (-10 - 60 °C), < 95 % humidity
    Sample Type Capillary whole blood
    Hematocrit Range 30 - 55 %
    Power Supply Two AAA Battries (1.5 V)
    Battery Life More than 1000 times
    Dimensions 88 x 64 x 22 mm
    Weight 59 grams (without battery)
    Display LCD display (35 x 45 mm)
    Technology Used Amperometric Enzyme Electrode
    Time & Date Display Yes
    Glucose Average Result 7/ 14/ 28 Days
    Power On/ Off Automatically
    Strip Type Siphonal Strip (Capillary Action)

    1. EasyMate Meter
    2. Puncturer (Lancing Device)
    3. Lancet
    4. Check Strip
    5. Battery
    6. Zipped pouch
    7. User's Manual
    8. Log Book
    9. Warranty Card
    10. Test strips

    For safety and to prevent cross-contamination, always place the protective cover back on before discarding the used lancets. To avoid injury, do not leave a used lancet in the puncturer. Always remove used lancets immediately after a test.

    • Unscrew the puncturer’s adjustable tip.

    • Insert a lancet into the carrier.

    • Twist off the protective cover to expose the lancet tip.

    • Replace the adjustable tip tightly.

    • Choose a desired skin penetration depth by rotating the top portion of the adjustable tip until the appropriate setting number lines up with the arrow. Settings are based on skin type:
    - Depth 1~2 for soft or thin skin
    - Depth 3 for average skin
    - Depth 4~5 for thick or calloused skin

    • Hold the tip of the puncturer with one hand and pull the sliding mechanism back with the other. When you hear a click, the trigger rises up.

    • Release the sliding mechanism. The puncturer is now ready to obtain a blood sample.

    Our EasyMate Multi-function blood testing meter offer a limited two (2) years warranty.

    This warranty does not extend to failures resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, alteration, use of unauthorized service, parts or cleaning solutions, or failure to comply with Instruction Manual.

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