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  • Probiotic + Acai Berry Extract
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  • Our Probiotic contains probiotic set, WGP(B-Glucan), Acai berry,and Fructooligosaccharide, which can balance the friendly bacteria in your digestive system .
  • Features

    • Balance The Friendly Bacteria in Digestive System

    • Help Prevent and Treat Diarrhea

    • Help Reduce Symptoms of Certain Digestive Disorders

    • Help Boost Your Immune System

    • Improve Eyesight

    • Inhibit reactive oxygen species

    Function of probiotic

    Probably one of the most commonly known benefits of taking probiotics is to improve your gut health. Probiotics will colonize in the human system to keep good bacterial flora stay.

    When we have an unbalanced gut environment, many toxins get released in our bloodstreams. This can lead to inflammation on the skin. Many chronic health problems arise from damaged bacterial environment in our gut. Probiotics will colonize the human system.

    Probiotics help reduce the chances of this happening. They improve your gut immune system affecting the overall body’s immunity in a good way.


    • Triple layers perform - entirely gut tract protection
    • Advance gut health and immunity
    • Improvement of digestive function
    • Reduction of cholesterol

    Various beneficial bacterium harbor numerous ability in tract localization, acidic endurance, tract attachment, secretion of bacteriocin, improvement of digestive function, immune activation, down-regulated allergy, reduction of cholesterol, and so on.

    WGP (β-Glucan)

    • Immune-activation
    • Regulate blood sugar value
    • Inhibit cholesterol synthesis
    • Improve cardiovascular functions
    • Promotes elevation of gut immunity

    Beta-glucans might lower blood cholesterol by preventing the absorption of cholesterol from food in the stomach and intestines, when it is taken by mouth. When given by injection, beta-glucans might stimulate the immune system by increasing chemicals which prevent infections.

    Acai Berry

    • Improve constipation
    • Improve metabolic syndrome
    • Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
    • Good for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
    Improve eyesight
    • Increase antioxidant capacity and reduce active oxygen damage
    • Inhibit reactive oxygen species

    Acai berry is an excellent source of dietary fiber, which can help increase satiety and promote gastrointestinal motility. It is also rich in anthocyanins, which can directly enhance the antioxidant function, slow down aging, and improve eye vision and prevent cardiovascular diseases. According to research, anthocyanins can help fight diabetes and increase pancreatic insulin production.


    • Adjust the intestinal microflora
    • Improve intestinal health
    • Reduces blood sugar
    • Control blood lipids
    • Increase the absorption rate of minerals
    • Anti-cancer effect

    FOS are low-calorie small dietary fibers that can increase the efficiency of nutrient absorption and reduce the production of harmful toxins. In the gastrointestinal tract of animals and humans, it can promote calcium absorption. Therefore, more calcium in food can enter the human blood from the gastrointestinal tract.

    Packaging Options Bulk, bottles, blister packs or customers’ requirement
    Quality Standard CGMP, ISO
    Shelf Life 3 Years

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