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  • Ingredients

    You can design your own formula of food supplements with different ingredients we provided.

  • ACID
  • AquaMin™ Seaweed Calcium

    • Natural vegetarian source
    • High absorption ratio
    • Inhibit diminishment of bone density
    • Various marine elements

    AquaMin™ seaweed calcium is the only organic certification by EU. It is good absorption and rich calcium amount. It exam on clinical experiments with effective results. (Skeleton, joints, digestive tracts, motions)

    Chromium Yeast

    • Stimulates body tissue uptake of glucose
    • Reduce body lipid content and increase muscle percentage

    Chromium is one of the essential trace elements in animals, can significantly promote the insulin and cellular receptor binding. It is also involved in protein synthesis and nucleic acid, fat metabolism, reduce body fat content and increase lean meat percentage.

    Sodium Ascorbate

    Every 1,000 mg of ascorbic acid provides 131 mg of sodium. In vitro studies, it has been found that sodium ascorbate produces cytotoxic effects in various malignant cell lines and can kill malignant cells, including melanoma cells, which related to skin cancer.

    Yeast Metal

    • Offers better absorption to bodies
    • Necessary elements for immunocyte activity

    ACE® chelate patent, yeast zinc and yeast selenium, offers better absorption to bodies, and both of two elements are necessary and vital for immunocyte activity.


    • Boost the immune system
    • Speed up wound healing
    • Reduce Inflammation
    • Acne Treatment
    • Reduce the risk of diseases related to aging
    • Libido Improvement

    Artichoke extract can inhibition lipid peroxidation of liver cells caused by hydrogen peroxide, which protects liver cells from necrosis due to free radical damage, has significant antioxidant and cell-protecting effects thereby.

    Zinc Yeast

    • Easy to absorption
    • Metabolic improvement

    Zinc yeast produced by fermentation of yeast is an organic zinc compound easily to be absorbed by bodies. It is necessary for protein synthesis and immunity.

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