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    You can design your own formula of food supplements with different ingredients we provided.

  • ACID
  • Bovine Whey Protein

    • Easy to digest
    • Suitable for people with lactose intolerance
    • Build and maintain muscle mass
    • Replenish lost protein

    Bovine Whey Protein is one of the main components of milk. Whey contains low lactose and is easy to digest. It is suitable for people with lactose intolerance. It can replenish lost protein.

    For people who is healthy and do large amount of exercise, whey protein helps to strengthen their physical performance and the ability to build and maintain muscle mass. Adequate protein intake is important for maintaining lean tissue during weight loss and is also beneficial for maintaining muscle mass during aging.

    Casein Phosphatepeptide, CPP

    • Promotes calcium intake and utility by intestine

    CPP binds to calcium to inhibit formation of insoluble salt under basic condition to increase the ratio of calcium absorption from intestine.

    Colostrum Basic Peptide, CBP

    • Easy to be absorbed
    • Enhances osteoblast activity
    • Increasing bone density and joint health

    CBP is origin of colostrum whey, a kind of the small peptide supplied for infants, teenagers, and elders.

    Corbicular Fluminea Formosa Peptide

    • Enhance liver function
    • Avoid cirrhosis
    • Provide liver nutrients
    • Promote life vitality

    Corbicular Fluminea Formosa called Taiwanese clams with high nutritional value are regarded as traditional diets therapy for hepatitis, jaundice, and other liver diseases in Taiwan.

    It is full of glycogens and many kinds of functional materials that are good for liver protection : ornithine, arginine, taurine, choline, and vitamin B group.

    Special hydrolysis technique is applied to digest it into small peptides easily to be absorbed by human bodies.

    Glutamine Peptide

    • Enhance immunoreactivity
    • Suppress inflammatory
    • Repair epithelium and mucous
    • Lower possibility of infection
    • Promote antibody secretion in intestine

    Glutamine peptide is the new product in recent years. It is more stable, soluble, and able to be absorbed than free-state glutamine, been defined on clinic and nutriology. Glutamine is a kind of necessary amino acid, importantly promoting growth epithelium and mucous.


    • Improve skin health
    • Slow the aging of skin
    • Increase in skin elasticity

    Collagen is an incredibly important protein that keeps your tissues and bones together. Specifically for your skin, collagen helps give your skin structure and elasticity. As the most abundant protein in the body, collagen is available in your muscles, skin, blood, bones, cartilage, and ligaments.

    Egg Yolk Powder IgY

    • Against particular antigens

    IgY is the type of immunoglobulin secreted into yolk from avian laying. Aiming particular pathogens to produce particular egg yolk powder for daily meal supplement that is better than antibody injection.

    Lactoferrin Supplement

    • Prevention of enterovirus and rotavirus infection

    Lactoferrins are proteins carrying iron and transporting it in mammals’ bodies. It widely exists in their milk and other secretion fluid. Scientific studies indicate lactoferrins can decrease cell-infection by type71 enteroviruses and rotavirus, the 2 well-known gut tract pathogenic viruses.

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